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Currituck Ferry

The Currituck Ferry is located just 12 miles from the Flyway Lodge. The 50 minute ride offers a scenic view as you travel over to Currituck. The ferry destination is just 45 minutes from the Outer Banks for day trips. Please check out their website for the most current ferry schedule. 

Mackay Island National Wildlife Refuge

Mackay Island National Wildlife Refuge and its surrounding waters support many species of resident and migratory fish and wildlife. The fish and wildlife populations are influenced by a number of factors: the refuge’s location along the Atlantic Flyway for waterfowl, shorebirds, wading birds, and neotropical migratory songbirds; the brackish water surrounding the refuge; and the nature of the habitat on the refuge.

Mackay Island NWR is located in the Atlantic Flyway, which is a critical ecoregion for migrating and wintering dabbling ducks, wood ducks, and geese in North America.

Miltary Aviation Museum

The Military Aviation Museum is home to one of the largest private collections of World War I and World War II era military aircraft in the world. Each plane has been beautifully restored to its prior military condition, using original parts whenever possible. Most of the planes are airworthy and flown at the museum during flight demonstrations and at air shows throughout the year. Some being the last flight-ready aircraft of their time, and all of them being one of a kind.


Come out and see the heritage and machinery of World War I and World War II!

Have a quick question? Call us at 757-721-7767

Virginia Aquarium & Marine Center

Travel on an aquatic journey from the shore to the depths of the Atlantic Ocean and experience coastal habitats from around the world. Thousands of animals representing over 300 species, displayed in entertaining and educational exhibits, are ready to enchant, entertain and inspire you!

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