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True to its name, the Flyway Lodge is known for being a sportsmen's paradise. The Reid family hosted numerous hunting trips at the lodge over the years. These trips and conversations around the fireplace inspired what is known today as Ducks Unlimited. The lodge's waterfowl history and appeal continues to live on. Located on the Currituck Sound, Flyway is the ideal spot for duck hunting.
Our hunting packages include one night of lodging for up to 4 hunters in a 2 bedroom, 1.5 bathroom wing of the lodge with a kitchenette and living room. We have a private duck blind 1/4 mile offshore for hunters to use, as well as a dock and boat launch. Our lodging rate is $250/night and our blind fee is $750/day.  
We are available the following 2020-21 NC duck season days:
January 23-January 30
Veteran's Hunt Day: February 6 (one free night!)
Veteran's Hunt Day: February 13 (one free night!) 
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