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The Dowdy family, owners of the Flyway Lodge on Knotts Island, NC.

Paul and Michelle Dowdey were high school sweethearts and have been married since 1989. In their past lives, Paul was a firefighter and Michelle was a nurse. They purchased The Flyway Lodge in June 2016 after selling their farm near Charlotte, NC. Since that time, they have undertaken major renovations to preserve their beloved lodge. Paul’s background in construction has enabled them to tackle major and minor projects around the lodge. This labor of love is truly a family affair and their children are a huge part of it.

Paul and Michelle enjoy the great outdoors and can often be found taking a kayak break after a long day of work. In their spare time they enjoy gardening. Paul is a beekeeper and intends to establish healthy bee colonies to pollinate their crops. Michelle enjoys canning, cooking and baking and enjoys preparing garden to table meals and desserts. 

Future plans involve full renovation of farm building living quarters and the re-establishment of a peach orchard, something The Flyway was known for years ago.

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